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Providing Quick and Individualized Funding Solutions

Focus more on growing your business, and worry less about getting approved for a loan with the help of Capital Equipment Solution, LLC. No matter your credit standing, our dependable and determined team will strive to get the funding you deserve immediately. We will do whatever we can to support your dreams and aspirations for your company.

Our team understands how difficult it is to be approved for an equipment loan. We recognize the common challenges that small business owners encounter, To help them pursue their company goals, we tailor our services to their specific financial needs.

Why We Started Our Business

We established the company because we wanted to support small business owners in all of their financial endeavors. Our team also aims to bring a personal experience to banking. That is why, when you work with us, you will receive great customer service and get the best financing option available.

Why Choose Us


Our More Than a Decade of Combined Experience

Our staff members are knowledgeable about the industry and skilled in their own respective fields. Whenever we process a loan application, we work together to deliver excellent services and get an approval immediately.


Our Knowledgeable Owner

Our founder earned a degree in finance and management. Aside from that, he is affiliated with the Used Truck Association (UTA) and a self-taught business director. When it comes to managing the company, understanding the needs of small business owners, and providing funding solutions, he delivers exceptional work.


Our Honest Team

We value our clients, and we strive to gain their trust as well as their loyalty. Because of this, our committed team remains genuine in all of our pursuits. We would never do anything that will negatively affect our reputation and client relationships.